What are the advantages of converting websites into mobile apps?

Converting your mobile websites into apps are beneficial. As research shows that more than 86% of mobile users spend their more time on mobile apps rather than websites. Not only are they using apps for shopping or gaming but they are engaging with more other apps that are informative and interesting.

For getting higher traffic and engagements of customers, companies are heading towards mobile enterprise apps. The fact is websites are not enough to provide huge amount of engagements and productivity, so mobile apps are essential for any company to reach at the top in this competitive world of mobile app and web development.

If you wan to know further benefits of converting websites into mobile apps, I can tell you some more key benefits of mobile apps that you can look for:

1. Additional Marketing Channels

If you are having an mobile app of your business then it can provide an additional channel for your brand to be found easily over internet or app stores. It provides you extra visibility to your brand.

2. Increasing Conversion Rates

Conversion rates are higher on mobile and tablets then desktops according to survey and reports of last year and will be increasing more in coming years.

3. Apps are Purpose Focused

Apps are so user friendly and easy-to-use version of a full website. Users prefer to use apps as their interface is interactive easy to navigate.

4. Increased SEO Potential

According to the latest updates of Google Algorithm, Google will now give more preference to those websites who are having mobile friendly websites and mobile app of their websites. It helps a lot to get higher ranking and to get more visibility in the search engine result pages.

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