What is SERP?

SERP (Search Engine Results Page) is a web page generated by the search engine as a response to a user request. If to explain in simple words, this is when you want to find some information and write the related keyword phrase and the search engine you use gives you feedback in the form of a page with the results found. These results are those links with the details about on the topic of your request.

SERPmojo keep your SEO research up to date even when you’re not at your desk

Track where your websites are ranking for any keywords on major search engines

Track your rankings

  • Track all 3 major search engines Google, Bing & Yahoo
  • Add an unlimited number of keywords and URLs
  • Check rankings manually or automatic
  • Use regional localization if needed

Keyword ranking history

  • Track your progress
  • Visualize with help of graphs the ranking history for any keyword, for a specific time period on every search engine

For PRO version you can enjoy below features:-

Automatic background updates

  • No more waiting, get fresh rank updates every morning
  • Ranks are updated daily, without having to start or keep the app open

Analytics insight

  • Keyword status (improved, maintained, lowered)
  • Quantum of lost and gained positions
  • Total number of rank updates
  • Gained and lost positions quantum per keyword / search engine

Currently this serp app only for Android User, for IOS user still need to wait for that. 🙂